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Traditional sales training initiatives fail to yield results because they frequently focus on knowledge transfer over long-term, sustainable behavior change and outcomes.

To succeed in sales enablement, you need to take a different approach.

Training sellers and managers is still core to the agenda, but getting the desired results—and knowing what those desired results are—starts long before the learning does. You need a process for developing training that aligns with your organization's strategic goals, empowers your team to learn and grow over time, and supports sustainable change through coaching and accountability. 

In this complimentary toolkit, you'll discover a roadmap for designing and executing a sales training initiative that resonates with your sales team and drives results well after it's over.

The toolkit includes:

  • [Article] Running a Successful Sales Training Program: From conceptualization to reinforcement, learn what's necessary to build an exceptional sales training program.
  • [Checklist] Running a Successful Sales Training Program: A quick-reference checklist to help you track your steps toward developing a sales training initiative that gets results.
  • [Guide] The Complete Guide to Sales Training Success: A comprehensive resource for developing a results-oriented sales education system.
  • [Reference] Enabling Reinforcement, Sustainability, and Results: A brainstorming tool to help you ensure training is adopted and embedded in your company's culture.

You’ll learn:

  • How sales and enablement leaders can fill gaps in the current approach to enablement
  • Where to focus during sales training to drive long-term behavior change
  • The three key pillars of successful training and enablement initiatives
  • How to evaluate and track key enablement metrics
  • How to support behavior change in the first 90 days and beyond 

Download this toolkit to start mapping out a training initiatives that engages sellers and drives long-term behavior change.

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