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RAIN Group AustraliaThe team at RAIN Group Asia Pacific (APAC) have been enabling sales organisations to achieve their full potential for over 15 years. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence in both consulting and sales training to ensure that our clients achieve the results they are striving for.

Based out of Sydney, Australia, we serve the APAC region and work with a broad range of industries including Financial Services, ICT, Manufacturing, Printing, and Professional Services. We have an acute understanding of the key challenges faced by business leaders in driving revenue growth and meeting the expectations of their multiple stakeholders.

In addition to our local clients in Sydney and across Australia, the APAC team plays a critical role in supporting the deployment of sales consulting and sales training solutions to our global clients. With extensive experience across the region, our understanding of the cultural diversity in Asian countries is an important ingredient to the success of these global transformation initiatives.

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Jason Murray

Jason Murray, Practice Director

As Practice Director for the Asia-Pacific region, Jason Murray leads a team of sales performance specialists that help their clients unleash the potential of their sales teams and drive profitable revenue growth.

Jason has had a huge passion for sales since he secured his first professional role as a telephone account manager over 20 years ago. Since then he has held a variety of senior sales and sales leadership positions in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, most notably establishing a sales development practice within a major Australian telecommunications company to significantly lift their corporate and SME sales team’s capabilities.

After building an extremely successful training and consulting practice, Human Synergy, Jason is now focused on driving the growth of RAIN Group in Asia Pacific. The APAC practice has grown significantly since opening in early 2014 and is already servicing a large number of blue chip enterprise clients across the region.

Andy Springer

Andy Springer, Director & Principal Consultant

As the Director of Operations and Principal Consultant for RAIN Group in Asia Pacific, Andy oversees the deployment and implementation of the sales transformation programs across the region whilst also working directly with clients in sales consulting, coaching, and sales training engagements.

As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building companies that positively impact the lives of people globally, Andy has conceived, built, managed, and exited companies in the Technology and People Services space. These experiences, combined with his work with our enterprise clients, provide a valuable perspective on what it takes to drive sales performance in the current environment. Drawing on his extensive experience as a leadership and executive coach over the last 10 years, Andy also leads the sales performance coaching team at RAIN Group.

Having a base in Sydney allows us to serve our local clients, companies in the APAC region, and global organizations. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of professionals across industries unleash their potential and improve sales performance.

Featured Case Study

Toyota Fleet Management Protects and Grows Accounts with Key Account Management and Sales Coaching Training Programs

Learn how the RAIN Group APAC team provided key account management and sales coaching training to help Toyota Relationship Managers find and seize opportunities to grow their customers. Learn more.

Representative Clients


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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Why Selling Is Not a Dirty Word

Why Selling Is Not a Dirty Word

I’m in Sales and I’m really proud of it. I find that most full-time sellers, working for a great company or delivering a great product or service, usually are. However, when you move into the realm of seller-doers, it’s a whole different story.

But what is a seller-doer? Those that must win the work and deliver the work they win, i.e. Engineers, Architects, Accountants, Consultants. This covers most professional services firms and small business owners, general managers and MDs that do not rely on a full-time sales team to secure business.

When these professionals think about sales, the image that most often jumps to mind is the self-interested, high pressure, sleazy used car salesman, but that is NOT what selling is. Selling—or Business Development as it has been renamed in most professional service firms—is about figuring out where and how you can add enough value to a prospective client so that they’re willing to pay for those goods or that service.

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3 Ways to Be More Customer-Centric When Selling

3 Ways to Be More Customer-Centric When Selling

Customer-centricity is one of the most overused terms in business today. One organisation may talk about being customer-centric in the way they service their customers, another in the way they design their products, and yet another in the way they make solutions available for purchase.

The same is true in sales. Most organisations take pride in being customer-centric, yet in almost all cases, this does not translate to frontline sellers and how they approach and engage clients.

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Why Selling Is Not a Dirty Word

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